Monday, October 5, 2009

Update: The Martin's do exsist!

O.K. it has been forever since I did any updating on my blog. So much has happened over the past year lets see if I can condense it down.

First off Karissa is in New York. She is a nanny to a really great family. She is so loving it, I don't think she will ever come home. She went to Snow College last year and had a blast. I am so excited for her and all the fun things she is doing.

Adam has been really busy. He moved out with a bunch of friends, and is having a great time. He is an assistant manager at Game Stop and really enjoys that. Plans are to start school in the spring. So come the first of the year he will be really, really busy. I would have pictures of Adam but I think he is part vampire.... when I take a picture he disappears.

Josh is the sport fanatic, he loves football. He made a goal for himself to be starting varsity as a sophomore. He worked really hard and he met that goal. He is starting defense for his high school.It is so much fun going to the games. Friday night under the lights. Josh is having so much fun at our new high school. He has lots of friends and is always busy doing things.

Tyler.... wants to emulate his big brother Josh. He watches everything he does, and wants to do it too. He is playing football on the 6Th grade team. He is the starting quarterback and loves it. It is so much fun to watch him play. He is really good.

Brian is kept busy with coaching. He is the running backs coach for the High School. I think he will coach forever if he is given the chance. He loves it, and he really enjoys the boys that he works with.

ME, I just chauffeur everyone where they need to go. I live in the truck. I made it a goal to never miss a game for the boys, I can say as of now I have not missed one game. I love going to them. I am so very proud of my family, they are the greatest.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Cooper Reed Mardesich 2004-2008

This post has taken me a few days to collect all my thoughts.... Cooper Reed Mardesich 4 years old. Lost his life on August 21, 2008. He was run over while crossing the street at the bus stop. He was with Sharon saying goodbye to his older brothers that were getting on the bus for school. He was the cutest sweetest little boy you could ever know. He had the biggest brown eyes, and was always smiling. This has been very difficult for our family because the Mardesich family is one of our closest friends. Ted and Sharon were one of the first people we met when we moved to Saratoga Springs. Ted and Sharon are the most amazing people that we know. Karissa was saying just the other day how she wants to live her life to be like Sharon. Always forgiving of everything, so understanding, willing to do anything for anyone. An example of Sharon's heart, today at the luncheon she asked US what she could do for us and if there was anything she wanted to know. AMAZING!! Today was the Funeral. It was bitter sweet. It really is amazing how one little boy has touch so many lives, and all the lives that the whole family has touched. We will forever be blessed to know this great family!! We love and will miss you little Coop.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Karissa off to College!!!

WOW!! I can't believe Karissa is off to college. We took her down to Snow today. It was exciting but also very hard. Her apartment is very cute. Karissa and Erika's room looks so cute. They have it all fixed up and are ready to go. It was fun to see the reaction when they realized that their back door leads right out to the Jacuzzi. It was fun spending the day with her and getting organized and shopping for the last minute stuff that she needed. Mom does pretty good till I think about it then I start to cry (just like now). My play buddy is off and on her own now. This will be a great experiance for her. I am so glad she decided to go.It has been kinda tough for her to go also, but not because of me, because of her boyfriend Robbie who is going to UVU. So I am sure that we will still see lots of her cause she will come home as much as possible on the weekends to see him:)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baseball State Tournament 2008

This last week was really busy. We had baseball tournaments for Josh and Tyler, of course I forgot the camera for Josh, but he did really well. He played pitch, catch and 3rd base their team took 5th in state play. Tyler also had games They killed every team that they played. They ended up taking state in the mustang league. It was so much fun to watch the boys play. I always enjoy that. Now Baseball is over it is time to look forward to football. Its just around the corner!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Brian has surgery.....

Today Brian had surgery on BOTH his knees. He went in at 6:00 this morning and was out of surgery by 9:30. We were home by 12:30. He is wrapped from thigh to shin with ace bandages, I have no idea what is under them. The reason for the surgery was he had torn meniscus in both knees and bone spurs. One of the knees has about an inch to inch 1/2 of bone on bone. Not much we can do about that right now. He will be off his feet for a few days then he has to start walking a little at a time. The surgery came at a good time, city baseball just ended and state doesn't start until after the fourth of July. Tyler's team is going to State and Josh will be picked up by one of the teams that will be going. He ended up on a not so great team and they took 5th. So Brian will have time to heal before we start playing ball again. So he is recouping this next week at home. We hope he heals up fast!!!

Saturday, May 31, 2008


WOW I can't believe my baby girls is 18, and graduated on the same day. May 29th. It was a really great day. Karissa had alot of people there to support her. Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Cousins,friends and family. I was able to get lots of pictures of her. Karissa got the opportunity to sing the National Anthem with about 9 other girls. That was pretty cool. If you notice in some of the pictures she has on a mask, it was a tribute to one of Karissa's girlfriends who last year was diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell (ALC) Lymphoma, cancer. McKenzie a few weeks back had a Bone Marrow Transplant and was not expected to make it to her graduation. She was bound a determained to make it and she did and also walked. After the graduation we went to Carrabbas for dinner, that was alot of fun we had about 25 people there and the food was yummy. Karissa we are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. You are an amazing and beautiful girl and we love you very much. Have an wonderful time at Snow you deserve it!!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Baseball Tournament in Idaho

We had a Baseball tournament in Idaho this past weekend with Josh's team. It was a lot of fun. We got there Thursday night and the boys went right for the pool. We were told it was heated........Nope. The water was so cold. They got good use of the Jacuzzi. Our first games started on Friday. The boys won their first game 12-0. They were very excited about that. Before the second game the temp started to drop. By the time the game started it was 39 degrees and raining. As the game went on it started to sleet. I stayed in the car and cheered from there. They lost that game 6-8. They tried really hard. That night the boys all hung out together and I found out the next day they didn't go to bed until after 3 am. I wasn't happy about that cause I knew that the boys wouldn't be ready for the game. Well that was the case. We lost our first game 6-12. The second game of the day was not going very well either. We were at our last up and had 2 outs on us. We were down 10-1. Then all of a sudden the boys decided to start hitting, and did they hit!!!! One of the players had back to back in the park home runs. WOW! By the time we finally got our 3rd out we had scored 12 runs. We won that game 13-10. We had a really good time on the trip.